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Clean Economy Rising - Wind energy propels North Dakota forward

Company Spotlight
Dakota Turbines
Developing the Next Generation of Small Wind

Dakota Turbines Inc. is a business based in Cooperstown, North Dakota, that builds compact, efficient, rugged wind turbines made almost entirely from parts manufactured in the Upper Midwest. With capital from parent company Posilock Puller Inc. and the North Dakota Industrial Commission, Dakota Turbines began developing concepts for its turbines in 2006 and completed its first commercial installation in 2011.

The company has worked to develop innovative technologies to enhance production from wind turbines. Its unique configuration of ironless coils and magnets affixed to the turbine’s rotor eliminates cogging and enables the generation of electricity even at very low wind speeds. Dakota Turbines has developed a highly efficient blade design and an inverter that converts the electricity generated by the turbine into a usable form for grid connection. Its turbine design also includes fail-safe coil springs on each blade shaft that can quickly bring a turbine to a gentle stop in the event of any electrical or mechanical disruptions. The company has acquired or is working to acquire several patents for its technologies.


Dakota Turbines Inc. A compact, efficient turbine created by Dakota Turbines in Cooperstown, ND